I rap cos I can, The competition raps cos that’s what they wanna do

April 10, 2022

Maybe you dont know me, and that’s fair.

I usually tell my younger counterparts that everything they are trying to do now, I did it 15 years ago. Not to be flexing on you but I would like to remind you that I performed in front of 17000 people back in 2007 at the Bizerte Amphitheater (Tunisia). I created my own show in Montreal and was part of the Jazz Festival (in 2014) just to name some highlights….

Im already successful at my craft since I produced exclusively for a few rappers and almost landed a gig with Chris Brown. I was signed to different labels and never allowed them to hustle me or take advantage of my talent. Why? Because I have options.

A lot of rappers these days only hope in life in general is rapping. They usually cannot get a job. At least one with a good pay. They usually have no other talent then being a rap artist. Again, I am not bragging but I have a very good career in marketing and communications. I have worked with Top10 companies in Canada and right now I am a UX/UI design consultant for a few tech businesses in West Africa.

Sometimes, I feel like I dont even have to rap anymore.

“I rap cos I can, The competition raps cos that’s what they wanna do”

My motivation comes from my fans, people I know, friends… who ask me for more music. People who are hungry for more content from me. They are the reason why Im writing and recording new stuff.

Yesterday, I saw that BlackStar (Yasiin Bey and Talib Kweli) is droping a new album after 18 years. And its released exclusively on the Luminary app (which is not available in Africa or Europe by the way…). That reminded me of a recent Bey interview in which he said “Who is more sensible to BlackStar album than Blackstar?”

If you want to hear more Deetahmusic, let me reassure you…. I want it more than you. I just want to do it my way, for me and my true fans. What about exclusively on Deetahmusic.com?

Anyway stay tuned for more of this thing we love and we call Hip Hop… just cos we can.

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