Guess Who’s Back!

February 7, 2022

Well… well… well. Guess who’s besack? is finally back online. In case you forgot, I enjoy laying my thoughts on a piece of paper so imagine how happy I am right now. Remember. Back in 2006, I had a blog on skyrock. I know… this isnt making me look any younger but writing has always been part of my life.

I wrote my first song at 8. It was a senseless, energetic bunch of words repeated and smacked together without any care but I loved it and it was the most important aspect of it. I never really thought that Id be making music one day so I never really paid attention to my writing skills. It all changed as I entered college. We were just a bunch of kids searching for their place in this world and music came to us in a surprising way.

My friend Paterne Fonkam aka Didi Frentzy was a member of the university’s Hip-Hop club; 3Styles. Their activities ranged from breakdancing masterclasses to organizing concerts for the students. The only reason why he invited me to step on stage with him is the fact that your boy here was wearing nothing but PhatFarm baggys and G-Unit garments. I definetly looked like a rapper before I touched a microphone for the first time. On that day I was wearing a fake chain with the Ecko Unlimited logo dangling on my neck. Mind u that I was only supposed to be a backup non-singing act, look good and hyme my man up. As Didi was rapping his ass off, all of a sudden he got tired (or maybe not) and handed me the mic. Big Will, who was the DJ back then switched the beat up and played the intrumental to “Lean Back” by Fat Joe. I was suprised so in order not to make a fool of myself I decided to adapt the first lyrics that came to my head to the beat. It was “We Put It Down For Y’all” by Busta Rhymes. It goes like this: “Oh! Its like Tic-tac-toe / The God is back, Make bitches say Whoa / Blow shit, Roast ya like waco / Big foot raps, Nigga, let’s make dough.”

I agree, the lyrics arent that “clean” but everybody loved it. And I thought: “What if I wrote my own lyrics? Are they still going to love me?”. That was the challenge. And that’s also how the trip started.

To more writings… Cheers!

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