Tah Ismael Dembele was born the 25th of September 1984 in Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coasts political capital. Standing tall today at the height of 6 2, he possess the same physique as Bob Marley and similar eyes to the late great Notorious B.I.G. while other appear to be like their pioneers, the difference lies within Deetahs passion for hip-hop. A distinct characteristic Kool Herc and Afrika Bambaata developed in New York within a culture that would affect a younger Ismael in the continent of Africa.

In his words, “Real music is the perfect combination of sounds and content that creates a feeling” that definition is what transformed Deetah from a typical fan of hip-hop, into the vocal instrument of content generated through musicality. “When I first started rhyming over beats, my nickname was D-Tah, D for Dembele and Tah for my first name. Later I changed my artist name to Deetah the masterpiece to make it memorable”

He believes in a world of infinite possibilities, where an African child will not feel disadvantaged but equal to another in New York. There is a lot more to Deetah and through his music, you will further identify with his lyrical poetry and consistent flow. When I asked him what is he destined for? His one word reply was “greatness”.

Written by Austin Lindsay aka Ghost Boogie.